Aichi/Nagoya Knowledge Cluster

"Environment-friendly Manufacturing using Nano-Technology"

Where is "AICHI/NAGOYA" ?

Knowledge Cluster Initiative

This plan was established by Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). The purpose of this project is to achieve a concentration of knowledge (Knowledge Cluster) while stressing the initiative of local government.
Such clusters will enable internationally competitive technological innovation by relevant research organization and R&D-based corporation, around the core of universities and public research organizations which serve as the base of knowledge creation.
More specifically, the project forms human networks and creates a reaction of technical innnovation, which eventually results in the creation of new industries.
"Environment-friendly Manufacturing using Nano-Technology"
"Project for Nanotechnology Manufacturing Cluster"

Collaboration for Development of Autonomic Nano-Production Device

University Research Leader introduction
Nagoya University Prof. Masaru Hori Downroad
Nagoya University Prof. Osamu Takai Downroad
Nagoya Instisute of Technology Prof. kenji Sumiyama Downroad
Nagoya Instisute of Technology Prof. Takashi Egawa Downroad
Nagoya Instisute of Technology Prof. Hideki Masuda Downroad
Nagoya Instisute of Technology Prof. Takatoshi Kinoshita Downroad
Meijo University Prof. yoshinori Ando Downroad

Organization of Knowledge Cluster Headquarters

President Tsuneo Ishimaru
(Senior Adviser, Denso Corporation)
Project Director Osamu Takenaka
Chief Scientist Susumu Maruse
(Professor Emeritus of Nagoya University)
Science and Technology Coodinators Shoji Noda
Motoo Nonomura
Osamu Oda


We establish the basis of Various projects toward research/development and the new industry creation.

* Basic technology for theme is developed and patented activety. The patent right towaeds industrialization is secured.
* By joint research betweem industry and academia, we promote four projects and their industrialization. We also create venture companies with entre preneurs.
* Through project liaison and exhibition, we survey participating companies, Our final goal is to establish a technical innovation cluster through collaboration among industry, academia and government.


1 Implementation of four project
Project are implemented by the core research organization. (Nagoya University and Nagoya Institute of Technology)

2 project promotion liaison committee
project leader, researchers, and joint research participating companies promote the research/ development to industrialization.

3 Exhibition
Research / development and industrialization are exhibited bay Knowledge Cluster Headquarters and project leaders and researchers.

4 Venture company experience
In order to create venture companies of nanotechnology, human resources training for venture company is performed.



Aichi Science and Technology Foundation
Aichi / Nagoya Knowledge Cluster Headquarters
Address : Aichi Trade Center, West, the seventh floor,
2-4-7 Marunouchi, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi 460-0002 Japan
TEL : +81-52-231-1656
FAX : +81-52-231-1640