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Aichi Science and Technology Foundation

Business Contents

Research and development/commercialization support

R&D/commercialization support

For research and development and commercialization efforts of medium-sized enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, science and technology coordinators will play a central role in collaborating with universities and various research institutes in a multifaceted manner to provide support from the establishment of industry-academia joint research projects to the practical application of technology.

Project planning and proposal brush-up

If you are considering developing technology by utilizing national or prefectural subsidy applications or systems such as SUPPORT, our highly experienced science and technology coordinators will listen to your details and support you in polishing your proposal.

Technical consultation by coordinators and advisors

Our science and technology coordinators and advisors will work with you to resolve the various issues that arise at each stage, from research and development to practical application of technology and commercialization.

Please feel free to contact us.

Consultation process

1. Contact the Foundation

  • I need technical and scientific advice

  • I want to know about research contents and technology seeds of universities and public testing centers.

  • I want to conduct research together with universities and other companies.

  • I want to know about new technologies

  • I want to solve the problems and challenges I face

  • I want to materialize new ideas

2. Interview with the Science and Technology Coordinator

Science and technology coordinators with specialized knowledge, know-how, and networks will devise measures tailored to each individual case.

3. Examples of responses by science and technology coordinators

Knowledge acquisition is necessary

  • Technical advice

  • Introducing lectures, seminars, literature and experts

Requires use of special equipment and know-how

  • Introducing universities and public testing centers

To realize the idea, prototyping and collaboration with other companies are necessary

  • Conducting joint research

  • Introducing companies and universities

  • Intellectual property advice

Consultation desk

Public Interest Foundation for Science and Technology Cooperation, Operations Department

1267-1 Akiai, Yasaka-cho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, 470-0356
"Knowledge Hub Aichi" Aichi Industrial Science and Technology Center 2nd floor

Email: chusyo[at]

*To prevent spam, the @ in the email address has been changed to [at].
Phone: 0561-76-8326

Coordinators and Advisors
Science and Technology Coordinator

We provide advice on the formation of industry-academia joint research projects and on product and technology development.

Masaharu Yamamoto

Digital Technology, Electrical, Mechanical and Metal

Masashi Ishihara

High-precision machining technology, machine tools, production systems

Koji Tajiri

New energy/energy-saving materials/systems, environmental catalysts, porous materials

Yoshinari Kozuka

Materials, Ceramics

Research and Development Support Advisor

We provide necessary advice from an expert perspective on various projects implemented by the Foundation.

Norio Yamashita

Textile technology, industry-academia collaboration project formation

Motoo Nonomura

Machinery and plants, health and longevity, digital technology

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