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Aichi Science and Technology Foundation

About the Science and Technology Foundation

About the Science and Technology Foundation

Request for donations to the fund

About the Science and Technology Foundation


Organization Overview

List of Directors

Articles of incorporation, budgets, accounts, etc.


Information Security Policy


Traffic access

Request for donations to the fund

Request for donations to the fund

the purpose

The Aichi Science and Technology Foundation was established to support and promote science and technology activities in the Aichi Prefecture region through collaboration and cooperation between industry, academia, and government, based on the exchange of a wide range of researchers and engineers. Its purpose is to contribute to the development of industrial activity and the improvement of the quality of life through the creation of new science and technology.

Date of establishment

September 1, 1994

Basic assets

6,046,990,000 yen (Final goal: 7,000,000,000 yen) *As of March 31, 2020

Use of donations
  1. A project that provides opportunities for interaction between researchers and engineers in science and technology from industry, academia, and government.

  2. Project to promote joint research on science and technology and disseminate research results

  3. Project to develop human resources in science and technology

  4. Project to support technological development of small and medium-sized enterprises in science and technology

  5. Providing information on science and technology to the general public

  6. A project to develop and operate the Aichi Synchrotron Light Center and promote the sophistication of research and development at companies, universities, etc.

  7. Other necessary business

Tax incentives

Our organization is a public interest incorporated foundation certified by Aichi Prefecture on April 1, 2011.
As a result, donations to our Foundation are eligible for preferential tax treatment, including various deductions and personal resident tax credits (however, only in municipalities designated by the mayor in a local ordinance).

* What is a specified public interest corporation?

It is an abbreviation for "specific corporations that contribute significantly to the promotion of public interest." It refers to public interest corporations and other corporations established under special laws that contribute significantly to the promotion of public interest, such as through the promotion of education or science, the dissemination and promotion of culture and the arts, social welfare and technical cooperation with developing countries, and contributions to the protection of the natural environment.

Donations by individuals (income deduction)

When an individual makes a "specific donation" to the national or local government, a specified public interest corporation, etc., the amount calculated using the following formula can be deducted from income as a "donation deduction."
Please note that in order to be eligible for the "donation deduction," you must file a tax return. This system does not apply to year-end tax adjustments. For more information, please contact your local tax office.

The total amount of specific donations paid in that year,

Or 40% of the total income for that year

Whichever is lower


2,000 yen


Donation deduction amount

When a donation is made by an organization (a corporation other than a public interest corporation, etc.) (special provisions for donations to specified promotion corporations)

Donations are not considered an expense for corporations, and the Corporation Tax Act restricts their inclusion as expenses. However, in the case of donations to specified public interest corporations, even if general donations have been spent up to the deductible limit, donations can be included up to the deductible limit in a separate frame. The deductible limit for donations is calculated according to the following formula. Note that the formula is different for public interest corporations, so please contact your local tax office for more information.


At the end of the fiscal year

Amount of capital etc.


Initial months






At the end of the fiscal year

The amount of income of











Preferential treatment for individual inhabitant taxes

The individual inhabitant tax donation tax system has been expanded, and donations designated by prefectural or municipal ordinances (such as donations to public interest incorporated associations and foundations) are eligible for preferential treatment. Therefore, donations to our Foundation are eligible for individual inhabitant tax deductions.
The status of regulations varies by prefecture, so please contact your prefectural tax office or the tax collection office of your city, town or village.

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