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Business summary

The Aichi Next-Generation Automobile Innovation Ecosystem Formation Project was selected for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's "FY2018 Regional Innovation Ecosystem Formation Program" and was carried out for five years.

Using three core technologies - cutting technology that utilizes compound-free nitriding, which are the research seeds of Nagoya University and Nagoya Institute of Technology, ultrasonic elliptical vibration cutting technology, and laser-based tool blade sharpening technology - we have succeeded in achieving "polishing-free mirror finish," "realization of fine shapes," and "high-precision positioning," demonstrating the application of these core technologies to next-generation precision molds and precision products.

Based on the network and results obtained so far, the project will aim to disseminate technology to the industrial sector and maintain and strengthen manufacturing competitiveness, and will function as a forum for co-creation of knowledge through industry-academia-government collaboration.

"High Precision Machining Technology Research Group"

We will promote the creation of knowledge, the social implementation of creative technology, and an ecosystem for human resource development.

Achieved technologies in the Aichi Next-Generation Automobile Innovation Ecosystem Formation Project

  • Innovative cutting technology
Professor Eiji Shamoto, Nagoya University

We have developed innovative mold processing technologies such as mirror cutting of free-form shapes and fine cutting. By directly mirror cutting of mold steel using diamond tools, we have achieved a roughness of Ra 2 nm and a shape accuracy of PV 47 nm.




焼入れ鋼 窒化処理+鏡面切削

  • Innovative cutting tool manufacturing technology (PLG®)
Nagoya Institute of Technology Professor Fumihiro Itoigawa

We have found the conditions for stably forming sawtooth cutting blades for micromachining, and developed a method for machining the apex angle of the tip to a sharp edge. We have also developed technology for applying this technology to tools other than diamond (CBN, etc.).





Deployment Goals
Activity Structure

・Chief Researcher: Professor Eiji Shamoto

Professor Fumihiro Itoigawa

Advisor: Sojiro Tsuchiya

(Former Producer of the Aichi Next-Generation Automobile Innovation Ecosystem Formation Project)

・Secretariat: Science and Technology Exchange Foundation

・Holding general management and development meetings, individual research guidance sessions, etc.


Membership information and inquiries

If you are interested in the High Precision Machining Technology Study Group, please contact the secretariat listed below.

If you wish to join, please download the application form and the study group rules and regulations from the link below, fill in the necessary information on the application form, and send it to the secretariat by email or post. If you are sending the application form by post, please send an email to the secretariat to inform them of the sending.


Membership application form, research association rules, etc.

  • High Precision Machining Technology Research Association Regulations (PDF 53kB)

  • High Precision Machining Technology Research Association Confidentiality Regulations (30kB)

  • Membership application form (Microsoft Word 22kB)

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