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Aichi Science and Technology Foundation

List of business activities

We regularly hold science and technology lectures, tours, and social events to deepen knowledge of the latest science and technology, and to promote smooth communication through the exchange of opinions between lecturers and members.

We support the operation of study groups in which researchers and engineers with an interest in specific research areas or technical fields come together to collect cutting-edge information on research and discuss the content of those research.

We will acquire knowledge through study sessions and other events, and implement initiatives that will set advanced examples for small and medium-sized enterprises. This year, we will be working on "Utilizing generative AI in manufacturing companies."

We hold technical seminars designed to be completed over three days, focusing on advanced technologies such as next-generation technologies and fundamental technologies that are of great interest to manufacturing companies.

With the aim of spreading Management of Technology (MOT), we are conducting training (seminars, group work) that consists of a basic curriculum on MOT.

We commission research projects to be carried out by "joint research teams" that effectively link the research seeds held by universities and other institutions with the technological needs of companies, with the aim of creating new industries and improving new technologies in the region.

This is a research and development project that serves as the first step for medium-sized and small-sized companies in the prefecture to determine whether they can utilize research seeds from universities and other institutions to solve their own problems or commercialize products, either individually. Projects are open to applications from companies and then outsourced.

This is a research and development project aimed at universities and other institutions to bring research seeds that meet the needs of medium-sized and small enterprises in the prefecture closer to practical application. Research projects submitted by universities and other institutions are publicly solicited and then commissioned.

If the project is selected for the government's Go-Tech Program, which supports R&D efforts by small and medium-sized enterprises, the Foundation will act as the project management organization and serve as the overall liaison office with the government, managing the R&D plan, coordinating with members of the joint research group, and promoting the results of the R&D.

For research and development and commercialization efforts of medium-sized enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, science and technology coordinators will play a central role in collaborating with universities and various research institutes in a multifaceted manner to provide support from the establishment of industry-academia joint research projects to the practical application of technology.

Based on the results of the "Aichi Next-Generation Automobile Innovation Ecosystem Formation Project" (October 2018 to March 2023), in order to disseminate technology to the industrial sector and maintain and strengthen manufacturing competitiveness, we have launched the "High-Precision Machining Technology Study Group" as a forum for knowledge co-creation through industry-academia-government collaboration, and will promote the creation of knowledge, the social implementation of creative technologies, and an ecosystem for human resource development.

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