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Go-Tech Research and Development Support

Go-Tech R&D Support

Support for the Go-Tech Project (Growth-oriented Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Research and Development Support Project)

If a company is selected for the government's Go-Tech Program, which supports R&D efforts by small and medium-sized enterprises, the Foundation will act as the project management organization and serve as the overall liaison office with the government, managing the R&D plan, coordinating with members of the joint research group, and promoting the results of the R&D.

What is the Go-Tech Program?

This project supports efforts ranging from research and development to market development that will lead to the improvement of specific manufacturing core technologies (12 technologies) such as precision processing, three-dimensional modeling, and surface treatment, as outlined in the "Guidelines for Advancement of Specified Manufacturing Core Technologies" established by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.

For more details about the project, please see here (Sapoin Match Navi website).

Scheme of the Go-Tech Project, which supports research and development for growth-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises
Go-tech scheme diagram 2.png

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Business Management Agency Operations

In order to be selected for the Go-Tech Program, a business management organization is required. The company itself can also act as the business management organization, but since it is a public project, there are some differences from general business management. Our foundation has managed many projects as a business management organization since the Go-Tech Program's predecessor, the SUPPOIN Program. Please contact us if you are looking for a business management organization for the Go-Tech Program.

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