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MOT Training

Conducting Technology Management (MOT) Training

In recent years, the rapid advancement of science and technology and technological innovation, changes in market needs, and other factors have created increasing uncertainty. In order to strategically succeed in business, we need people who understand the expertise of both technology and management, and who can efficiently turn the results of research and development into new businesses and new products.

For this reason, since fiscal 2005, our Foundation has been conducting training (seminars, group work) consisting of a basic curriculum on Management of Technology (MOT) with the aim of disseminating MOT.

Participants' comments

The information was based on real experiences and was very easy to understand.

There were some things I could apply to my own work.

I had no prior knowledge of MOT, but the explanation was systematic and easy to understand, so it was easy to understand.

We had group discussions on each individual's case studies, which was extremely beneficial as it allowed me to gain experience with many cases that I would not have been able to experience alone.

It was good that I was able to gain new realizations through group discussions. I was also able to better understand the importance of the connection between markets and benefits.

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