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privacy policy

privacy policy

Basic Policy on Personal Information Protection of the Japan Science and Technology Agency

The Science and Technology Foundation is an organization whose purpose is to contribute to the development of industrial activity and the improvement of the quality of life by invigorating science and technology research in the Aichi Prefecture region and creating new science and technology through collaboration and cooperation between industry, academia, and government, and by using the exchange of a wide range of researchers as a foundation for research exchange, joint research, provision of information, support for human resource development, and technological development support for small and medium-sized enterprises. The personal information acquired by the Foundation will be used for this purpose, and in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, we will respect and comply with the laws and regulations applicable to personal information and their spirit, and will handle personal information appropriately and safely and strive to protect personal information.

1. Acquisition of personal information

The Foundation will clarify the purpose of use of personal information and handle any information provided of the individual's own volition.

2. Purpose of Use and Protection

Personal information handled by the Foundation will only be used within the scope of its intended purpose.
In addition, we will not provide personal information to third parties, except when we outsource operations to accomplish the intended purpose of use, when required by law, or when it is necessary to protect human life, body, or property.

3. Management System

(1) All personal information will be properly managed to prevent loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc. due to unauthorized access, theft, removal, etc., and we will take the necessary preventive and corrective measures.
(2) When outsourcing operations related to the intended purposes of use based on personal information to external parties, we will enter into a personal information handling agreement with the relevant company and provide management and supervision to ensure that the information is managed appropriately.
(3) We will accept and respond appropriately to inquiries from individuals regarding the disclosure, correction, and suspension of use of their personal information at any time. In addition, we will respond appropriately and promptly to any complaints we receive.
(4) Personal information will be kept accurate and up-to-date to the extent necessary to achieve the business purposes of the handling of such information.

4. Maintaining and continuing efforts to comply with laws and regulations

(1) The Foundation will endeavor to operate its business in accordance with laws, regulations and other rules concerning the protection of personal information.
(2) The Foundation will continually review and improve its policies and systems for protecting personal information in its possession in response to changes in the content of its business and changes in the laws, regulations, social environment, and IT environment surrounding its business.

5. Handling of specific personal information, etc.

The handling of specific personal information, etc. shall be in accordance with the basic policy on the proper handling of specific personal information, etc. of the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation for Science and Technology Collaboration, which is set forth separately.

6. Contact point for inquiries regarding personal information

Please contact the following for inquiries regarding the disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc. of your personal information.
1267-1 Akiai, Yasaka-cho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, 470-0356
General Affairs Division, General Affairs Department, Japan Science and Technology Agency, TEL: 0561-76-8321

(Supplementary Provisions)
Established on February 1, 2012 Revised on January 1, 2016 Revised on May 30, 2017

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