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Aichi Science and Technology Foundation

Foundation for Science and Technology Collaboration

  Digital Archives

The Digital Archive consists of the Industry-Academia Collaboration Research Web Series , which allows users to view the results of past research projects online, and the Video Library, which allows users to watch videos of completed lectures, seminars, etc.

Currently, no application is required to use the service, but if you do use it, we would appreciate your cooperation in filling out this survey to let us know your opinions and requests. In addition, some content is available only to members of the Research Exchange Club. To apply to join the Research Exchange Club, please click here .

Industry-academia collaborative research web series

The results of past research projects are collected in an easy-to-read e-book format that allows all documents to be searched at once.

  • Compilation of completed projects

  • Joint Research Promotion Project Research Report

  • The latest information magazines, etc.

  • All information magazines and other materials published since the club's founding (for Research Exchange Club members only. Join the club here )

*Club members should enter their ID and password in the "Login" field on the top right. General users do not need to log in.

Video Library


Priority Research Project III Results Presentation


Various lectures and technical seminars

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Joint Research Promotion Project Research Results Reporting Session

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Research Exchange Club Regular Meetings and Tours (members only)
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Developmental Tests and Corporate Collaboration Projects
Joint Results Presentation

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Carbon Fiber Application Technology Research Group (ended)

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