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Business Contents

Business Contents

Study Group

Recruitment for new research groups

Recruitment for new research groups

Recruitment for FY2021 has ended.

Business purpose

The Science and Technology Collaboration Foundation supports a series of paths that develop from research exchange to collaborative research and ultimately lead to practical application and commercialization.
This study group project is positioned as the first stage (research exchange), and in order to materialize this, we will establish a study group whose members include researchers and engineers from companies, universities, public research institutes, etc., with the aim of exchanging high-level information, understanding technological trends, and discovering leading research themes.

How the study group operates
  • The secretariat will be located within the foundation and will be responsible for organizing the event and carrying out expenses.

  • The chairperson is responsible for planning the study group, inviting lecturers, and running the group.

  • Must be held at least three times within a fiscal year

  • The number of members is limited to about 30, and there are no membership fees.

  • In principle, the event will be held within Aichi Prefecture (however, it can also be held online).

  • In principle, co-hosting with academic societies etc. is not permitted.

Number of adoptions

About 12 cases

Research group activity period

2 years *The program may be canceled due to mid-term evaluation.


Operating expenses per seminar (honoraria, domestic travel expenses, venue rental fees, etc.) will be approximately 150,000 yen, and expenses for the networking party (refreshments, etc.) will be approximately 30,000 yen. *This may change depending on the project budget and other circumstances.

Recruitment details

We are looking for members of research groups and chairpersons consisting of researchers and engineers from companies, universities, public research institutes, etc.
In particular, we hope that research groups considering applying for competitive funding systems related to industry-academia joint research, or conducting joint research between companies and universities, will use this as preparation for such research. We also welcome study groups that have already conducted joint research and are looking to move on to the next stage of research and development and practical application.

Recruitment fields

There are no particular restrictions on the field of study, but we are looking for themes related to science and technology that have a high social need.

Qualification requirements
  • Candidates must be researchers, engineers, etc. residing in Japan, have extensive knowledge and a track record of research related to the applied topic, and be capable of running a research group as a chairperson.

  • Chairs of research groups that were selected for this project in FY2020 and plan to continue in FY2021 are not eligible to apply.

  • Members should be selected from individuals who are able to raise issues, discuss issues, and act as internal lecturers in the study group.

  • We welcome applications from young researchers and female researchers.

Application Guidelines and Application Documents
Submitting your application
  • Application period: From Wednesday, December 23, 2020 to Monday, February 1, 2021

  • Please prepare your application proposal in Microsoft Word format and send it by email during the submission period by the deadline stated above.

Where to submit/Inquiries

Public Interest Foundation for Science and Technology Cooperation, Business Department [Responsible] Furukawa, Niwa

Email: r3bosyu[at]

*To prevent spam, the @ in the email address has been changed to [at].

1267-1 Akiai, Yasaka-cho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, 470-0356
"Knowledge Hub Aichi" Aichi Industrial Science and Technology Center 2nd floor Tel: 0561-76-8325

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