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Aichi Science and Technology Foundation

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[Applications are now closed. Thank you for your applications.] We are now accepting applications for research and development projects for the FY2024 Industry-Academia Collaborative Creation Chall...


(1) Purpose

In order to realize the needs of local small and medium-sized enterprises, we are utilizing research seeds from universities and companies in Aichi Prefecture.

The aim of this project is to develop, commercialize, and commercialize innovative products and manufacturing technologies with small and medium-sized enterprises in Aichi Prefecture.

We commission research for R&D projects implemented by "joint research organizations" such as universities.

(2) Research period and research contract costs

①Research period: 2 years (single-year contract (from the date of contract to the end of February of the following year) x 2 years)

* An interim evaluation will be conducted at the end of the first year to determine whether or not to continue the research.

② Research contract fee: Maximum 6 million yen per year.

*This may be subject to change depending on the project budget and other circumstances.

(3) Number of projects to be adopted: Approximately 2

(4) Application period: From Thursday, February 1, 2024 to Thursday, March 21, 2024 at 5:00 p.m.

(5) Eligible applicants: Collaborative research organizations consisting of at least one university or other institution and one medium-sized or small-sized enterprise within Aichi Prefecture.

*Please note that this project is premised on the establishment of the FY2024 budget and that approval of the budget by the Foundation’s Board of Directors is required for the project to be implemented.

Recruitment details

(1) Projects being solicited

R&D projects that meet both of the following criteria are eligible: ① They must be in the fields listed below that contribute to the development and strengthening of next-generation industries.

(Manufacturing) Next-generation automobiles, aerospace, robotics,

Intellectual property strategy and design-focused manufacturing field

(Medical and Welfare) Health and Longevity

(Environmental Energy) Environmental and new energy fields, smart community fields using hydrogen energy

(AI, IoT) Industrial sectors utilizing AI and IoT, IT industry

(Others) New fields in collaboration with agriculture, forestry and fisheries, urban industrial fields

*We welcome proposals from research groups under the Foundation for Science and Technology Collaboration.

*We hope to utilize the facilities and equipment at Aichi knowledge hubs, such as the Aichi Synchrotron Light Center.

② An implementation plan for innovative products and manufacturing technologies that can be put into practical use and commercialized within 3 to 5 years after the end of this project.


*The research system may have advisors* who will contribute to commercialization and R&D projects.

*Advisors: User company personnel, etc., to determine market suitability of results, practical application and commercialization of business models, etc.

and those who provide advice on research and development issues. The size of the company to which the advisor belongs does not matter.

(2) Eligibility requirements

Applicants must meet all of the following requirements:

1. The joint research group must consist of at least one university or other institution and one company. The company must be a medium-sized or small-sized company.


2. The universities, etc. (※2) and companies that make up the joint research body will each conduct their research and development primarily within Aichi Prefecture.

To have.

3. Ability to comply with the contract and implementation guidelines for this project.

4. Multiple applications to this program and applications by researchers selected in the previous year are not permitted.

*1. Medium-sized enterprises or small and medium-sized enterprises: Manufacturing companies with capital of 1 billion yen or less or with 2,000 or less employees.

Software industry, information processing service industry

*2. Universities, etc.: Universities, technical colleges, inter-university research institutes, independent administrative agencies, and national and local public organizations

Testing and Research Institute

(a) Disqualification Criteria Companies constituting a joint research organization must not fall under any of the following criteria.

1. According to Article 167-4 of the Enforcement Order of the Local Autonomy Act (reason for not participating in public competitive bidding, etc.)

Applicable persons

2. A person against whom the following petition has been filed:

i) Filing a petition for commencement of bankruptcy proceedings under the Bankruptcy Act

ii. Petition for commencement of reorganization proceedings under the Corporate Reorganization Law

ⅲ Filing a petition for rehabilitation proceedings under the Civil Rehabilitation Act

ⅳ A person currently subject to a suspension of bidding qualifications from Aichi Prefecture

v. Delinquent payers of corporate and local taxes

ⅵ Those who meet the following criteria

・The officers are gang members as defined in Articles 2 and 6 of the Law on Prevention of Unjust Activities by Organized Crime Group Members.

Those who are recognized as having

・Organized crime groups (as defined in Article 2, Paragraph 2 of the Law Concerning the Prevention of Unjust Activities by Organized Crime Group Members)

) or a person who is deemed to have a substantial involvement of a gang member in the management

・The purpose of an officer or other person to obtain wrongful benefits for himself, his company or a third party, or to cause damage to a third party

A person who is deemed to have used an organized crime group or its members.

・Directors, etc. directly or indirectly provide funds, etc., or convenience to an organized crime group or an organized crime member

A person who is recognized as actively cooperating with or involved in the maintenance or operation of an organized crime group.

・A person whose executives are deemed to have a socially reprehensible relationship with an organized crime group or a member of an organized crime group

Research Commission Form

There are two options for research outsourcing:

The supervising research institution will enter into a contract with the Foundation on behalf of the other research institutions, and the joint research institutions will be subcontracted by the supervising research institution.

The supervising research institute and the collaborative research institute will each enter into a contract with the foundation.

Details of the commission fee

The contents of the commissioned expenses will only be those that correspond to the purpose and intent of the commissioned work. Please refer to the application guidelines for eligible expenses.

Ownership of intellectual property rights

If intellectual property rights such as patents arise as a result of the implementation of the commissioned project, we will use them, provided that you comply with the following conditions.

In principle, it belongs to the trustee.

① When applying for or obtaining intellectual property rights, you must notify the Foundation in advance.

② If the Foundation deems it particularly necessary and makes a clear request for it, it may request the right to use intellectual property rights.

Permission must be granted to persons designated by the Foundation.

3) When it is deemed that intellectual property rights, etc. have not been utilized for a considerable period of time without a valid reason,

In order to promote utilization, the Foundation will grant the right to use intellectual property to persons designated by the Foundation.

Screening and Notification of Acceptance

(1) Review: A review committee composed of experts will review the applications and decide whether to accept them.

Please note that we cannot answer any inquiries regarding the results.

A. First screening

◎Implemented in writing

◎Application documents and coordinator questionnaire

*The Foundation coordinator will visit participating companies within 10 days after the application deadline.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Secondary screening: Hearings for cases that passed the primary screening

(Presentation by the Chief Researcher, etc.)

◎ Examination materials First examination materials + [Newly created] PowerPoint materials

    ・Schedule for the second round of screening (tentative): Thursday, April 25, 2024, from 13:30

(Joint research groups that pass the first screening will be notified of the schedule for the second screening at a later date.)

    ・Venue for the second round of screening (※): Aichi Center for Industrial Science and Technology, the "Knowledge Hub Aichi"

・10 minutes presentation, 15 minutes Q&A

If the judges have any questions, you will be notified along with the notification of the second round of judging.

Please be prepared to answer on the day.

   * Notification of the second round of judging will be sent to applicants who have passed the first round, approximately one week before the date of the second round. As the time until the judging is short, please prepare in advance.

(2) Evaluation criteria for the review

①The appropriateness of the R&D project objectives

② Novelty and originality of the developed technology

3) Appropriateness of the R&D plan and the target values

4. Appropriateness of the roadmap for commercialization

⑤Appropriateness of R&D structure and cost allocation

(3) Notification of acceptance or rejection: The result will be sent to the Lead Researcher by mail by mid-May 2024 .

Download the recruitment guidelines and application documents

Download ZIP • 1.63MB

Application Procedure

(1) Application period: From Thursday, February 1, 2024 to Thursday, March 21, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. *Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. *Applications are accepted from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

(2) How to apply: Please bring or mail all application documents listed in (3) by the deadline.

(3) Application documents

① Industry-Academia Collaborative Creation Challenge Research and Development Project (Joint Research Type) Proposal (Form 2-1)

②Research Expenses (Form 2-3)

Member list for the Industry-Academia Collaborative Creation Challenge Research and Development Project (Joint Research Type) (Form 2-4)

④ Status and efforts regarding applications and acceptance into other programs (Form 2-5)

⑤ Company brochure (including company overview such as capital, number of employees, etc.)

⑥ Articles of incorporation or certified copy of business register

⑦Company financial statements (most recent financial statements)

⑧ Application Document Checklist

*Please use 10.5 point font size.

*Please enter the research expenses breakdown for the first year only.

Please submit two paper copies and electronic copies of application documents ① to ④ and ⑧, and one original copy of documents ⑤ to ⑦ to the address below by the deadline.

Please bring it in person or send it by mail (must arrive by the application deadline) .

Please do not convert documents to PDF format when storing them on electronic media, but store them in their original format (WORD or EXCEL).

Please refer to the "Application Guidelines and Application Documents" below for the forms ① to ④ and ⑧, the contract agreement, and the implementation guidelines.

You can download it. Please be sure to read the contract and implementation guidelines.

Where to submit/contact

1267-1 Akiai, Yasaka-cho, Toyota City, 470-0356

"Knowledge Hub Aichi" Aichi Industrial Science and Technology Center, 2nd floor, Science and Technology Exchange Foundation, Business Department [Contact] Yamamoto/Matsunaga Email address: challenge★

When sending an email, please replace ★ with @.

Phone: 0561-76-8326 Fax: 0561-21-1651

*Please note that the person in charge may not be available at the time of your inquiry, so please contact us by email if possible.



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