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We are now accepting proposals for the FY2024 "Industry-Academia Collaborative Research and Development Challenge (Corporate Needs Type)" (Applications accepted from April 8th)

Recruiting projects

This is a research and development project that is the first step for medium-sized and small businesses in the prefecture to determine whether they can utilize research seeds from universities and other institutions to solve their own problems and develop products, and is a project that is applied for by companies.

Qualification requirements

Meet all of the following conditions:

1) The company must be a medium-sized or small-sized enterprise whose main research and development site is located within Aichi Prefecture.

② Ability to comply with the contract and implementation guidelines for this project.

* Medium-sized enterprises or small and medium-sized enterprises: Manufacturing, software, and information processing service industries with capital of 1 billion yen or less or with 2,000 or less employees

Research period

Date of consignment contract (scheduled for early July 2024) - February 28, 2025

Research contract expenses

Up to 1.1 million yen per case (tax included)

Number of projects to be adopted

Approximately eight projects in the Industry-Academia Collaborative Creation Challenge Research and Development Project (total of university seeds type and corporate needs type)

Application Guidelines and Application Form

For details on the recruitment, please see the recruitment requirements.

Please download and use the application form (complete set).

R6【募集資料】 企業ニーズ型(一式)
Download ZIP • 1.24MB

Application period

From Monday, April 8, 2024 to Monday, May 20, 2024 at 5:00 p.m.

[Contact Information]

Science and Technology Coordinator, Operations Department, Japan Science and Technology Foundation

TEL: 0561-76-8326, e-mail: challenge[at]


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